Custom-Made Furniture
Masiero Tre

Custom-Made Furniture
Masiero Tre

High-tech quality customized furniture

We make custom-made furniture for stores, showrooms, private homes and hotels.

We have acquired our prestige for the quality of the product provided and the service offered. We distinguish ourselves by criteria of readiness and responsiveness, but at the same time quality and accuracy of what is required.

We can rely on trained and experienced personnel in the field and “know-how” of cutting-edge technologies. We are able to meet the needs of the clients, designers and architects with whom we collaborate, offering customized solutions for custom-made and quality realizations. Customized environments are made of the finest materials, with attention to detail and guaranteed to last.

We live in a world where the difference lies in the ability to take on every individual project with the utmost attention to detail, quality and precision. This is the world of Masiero Tre, your ideal choice to furnish your store, your showroom, your home with style and originality. With us, you can realize your dreams and transform your spaces into unique and personalized environments.

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A modern artisan workshop.

Masiero Tre was founded – and grew over time – from a desire to keep an ancient artisan art alive, while utilising the modern manufacturing techniques required by contemporary decor.

Always attentive to new trends and meeting the needs of operating spaces, Masiero Tre is an expression of the symbiosis of innovative technology and ancient trade secrets.

They are of primary importance in all areas of furniture, from commercial, to retail, to residential, while still guaranteeing in each area, a high quality product.

Masiero Tre has a design department with project managers and designers who can provide expert support in preparing technical drawings, with management and collaboration activities during the construction stages, and post-sales support.


A memory of the past
with a view to the future.

“Nothing splendid has ever been
achieved except by those who dared to
believe that something inside them was
superior to the circumstance.”



by Fernando Mosca

Masiero Tre presents its new brand “MUEBLERIASITALIA”, born from the precious collaboration with the Arch. Fernando Mosca, designer and art director of the new collection.

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