Since 1980…

Two brothers, one family. The art of woodworking – and a passion for it – have been passed down through three generations of this family. This natural material, wood, is shaped and made stylish, in keeping with manufacturing systems and the distinctive features of Italian craftsmanship: quality, precision and attention to detail.

Such rules are also applied to new materials and innovative design techniques. These are the simple, yet essential ingredients that distinguish Masiero Tre, and while the company has expanded over time, it has never lost sight of these values.

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… to today.

Masiero Tre offers its thirty years of industry experience and expertise in cutting-edge technologies to professionally bring the ideas, requests and projects of clients, architects and interior designers to life, recommending appropriate design techniques and solutions capable of making these ideas a reality and achieving the end goal.

This entails an intellectually stimulating partnership with a range of professionals to provide the client with a complete service, from design to manufacturing and even the final installation. This entire process is geared towards creating spaces that have something to say, where the decor is the star attraction and conveys style and feeling, with the sole aim of catering to the tastes of the client. This is the ethos that Masiero Tre swears by.

Perfection is our philosophy.

Every aspect of living or spending time in a home, a store or a public space is always deserving of our fullest attention. The goal is to create a sense of harmony between the space available and the furniture that has been designed so as to achieve high functionality, a beautiful aesthetic and comfort.

This is a subtle equilibrium that is constantly monitored and represents a daily challenge for the company, yet it is also what gives meaning to our craft and what makes our work fascinating, albeit complex.

Masiero Tre has been making bespoke furniture for stores, showrooms, homes and hotels since 1980, establishing a prestigious reputation for the quality of its products and service. The company is distinguished by its readiness and responsiveness to its clients, as well as the quality and precision of commissioned products, and employs knowledgeable staff who are industry professionals able to provide expert advice on the cutting-edge technologies to use and are always capable of meeting the needs of the company’s clients, designers and architects. We live in a world where the difference lies in the ability to take on every individual project with the utmost attention to detail, quality and precision.